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PPC Best Practices

These are the best practices that PPC experts follow to create and run effective, profitable campaigns. 

​Print this off if you need and check them off as you work through your account.

  • Network Targeting - Are your campaigns settings customized for their specific network (Search vs Display)? Remember always separate. 
  • Geo Targeting - Are you campaigns focused on your most profitable markets?
  • Language Targeting - Are you making use of the language restrictions for better audience targeting?
  • Conversion Tracking - Are you keeping track of which keywords and ads drive profitable actions?
  • Multiple Text Ads Running - Are you running multiple ads in each ad group to ensure strong targeting?
  • Modified Broad Match Type - Are you making use of the match types that give you more control?
  • Negative Keywords - Are you using negative keywords and actively checking your search report for new negatives to reduce wasteful spending and irrelevant clicks?
  • Ad Extensions - Are you using Ad Extensions to provide additional links and improve CTR (click through rates)?

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